Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week Numero Dois


The MTC, the MTC....Provo is so delightfully dry. Why would anyone ever want to live here is beyond me...
Life is going well! I'm loving the letters. Getting more settled into life, and time is flying by. Today, we went to the Provo Temple, where I got the chance to do the Endowment ceremony for Ashby Stewart something...can't remember his last name now. But it is so cool, talk about an amazing feeling to know that someone has been waiting for me to do their work for them, and they are now able to continue in their afterlife.
Sidenote: this keyboard sucks. The shift key barely works, and I absolutely refuse to use the right shift. So if my typing is poor....well, poop on you

We are teaching more and more, and speaking more and more Portugues. Yesterday, we did three door greetings entirely in Portugues (about 21 minutes of talking)...it was interesting, to say the least. :-)

Family: How is life in Magnolia/Austin/Vegas? Is Thais doing well? Was Vegas fun(Mom)? I think about you nonstop. You all are the reason I am here. I would do anything anyone of you ever asked me to, and I just wanted you to know I love you with all my heart, even if I don't get to speak to you all the time. I hope work is going well, John, and that you are finding ways to stay happy and have fun. Same to you, Jay. Let me know how the computer business is going and what you are up to. Pops, make that dough and practice on your bowling game. I'm gonna come back with a vengeance. And mom, thank you so much for the package/letters. :-).

I think about you all all the time. Life is hard, but isn't. It's difficult to get adjusted to life here, but truly, sincerely, I have a ton of fun. My first companion, Elder Hurst, and four other good friends from my district (district=eat with, go to class with, etc. was 11 people at beginning) all took off to Brazil last Tuesday. Now, I am in a threesome with Elders Ellis and Henrie. They are cool and fun, but not quite as driven or as incredibly knowledgable of scriptures as Elder Hurst. However, we are doing alright and getting more used to each other. I really enjoy the other Elders and Sisters. They are all kids too...so while we don't really play around much, we have fun.

To anyone and everyone sending me Dear Elders: thank you so much! I love hearing from you. With that being said, seriously, just tell me about life. I love to hear spiritual thoughts, but don't feel obligated at all. I am in church 16 hours a day...having letters from the outside world is a nice relief. :-) Also, please PLEASE send me your addresses! I can't respond to Dear Elders! So if you want a reply, you've got to give me an address (or send me an actual letter, which would be delightful...)

Here's some replies to everyone who's sent me a letter-

Breanna: Dog, I know it's crazy that I'm in the MTC...who woulda thunk it? I just saw Elder Thomas for only the second time since I got here. He was made a zone leader on his fourth day here. That is insane(Zone=~4 districts, so about 50 people). How is BYU treating ya?

Jake: Please introduce me to Camille. If she likes you, we will get along well. Hugs and kisses!And when are you 19/putting in your papers?

Austin: My man, my man. Thanks for the uplifting thought, although you give me way too much credit. If I am not mistaken, you are starting like, legit upper level business stuff this year. How is school treating you?

Mattie: You win the best letter writer/most dedicated award. You have a letter in the mail, ;-)
Stephen: She is a keeper for sure. And I hope you got her something super nice, like a toy truck from Texaco. How is the new apartment working out? What are you up to? Do you have any friends? Stay true, blood

Uncle Doug: I just got your letter today, and haven't had a chance to translate. Thanks for the homework, punk! Haha, I am excited to read it. And I thank you for the kind words and support. It means the world to me.

I hope everyone is safe, and enjoying the beginning of school/oncoming autumn season. Please write me about whatever you desire, and stay in touch.

Talk to y'all in a week!
Elder Loucks

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  1. Sister Loucks! This is great, thanks for blogging all of this! I'll write him back soon!