Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well as you can tell, I have not done my part to get this blog up and running in a timely manner. Let me assure you that is about to change.
Josh's final 2 weeks here in Texas were a little crazy.
Originally scheduled to fly to the CTM in Brazil August 19 but with his visa nowhere in sight, we began to realize that he would not be leaving as planned. The Church travel office confirmed that he would be postponed a week and quite likely be making a pit stop in Provo.
The bonus week was spent savoring every minute he could with friends and family, as well as visiting many restaurants he knew he would miss-you know like Whataburger, and Sams Club pizza, Chick-fil-A.
On August 26, he boarded the plane for Provo with one of his best friends, Ned Thomas (who will be serving in Ukraine) as well as Elder Tessers from our ward who would be returning home to Utah.
It was a wonderful experience to see many Elders waiting to return home from their missions. We laughed as they commented (somewhat enviously) about the wonderful shade of white the new Elders shirts were, compared to their rather dingy and very well-used shirts. It helped me to realize that even though 2 years is a very long time, that eventually it will end and our wonderful son will also return home to his family only he will be even more wonderful.
The first letter from Elder Loucks has been posted and we look forward to many more as we watch his love for the gospel and the Savior continue to grow.


  1. Thanks for keeping updated on whats happening with the 'lil elder! Vince said that he and Megan would try to take cookies over, but I know the food there is very carby to say the least...Josh, watch for the twinkie!

  2. Wow! I'm glad everything has worked out for you guys! I sent Chase an email today letting him know to watch for Josh and Reuben Hurst!! Chase's P-Day is on Tuesday's! That would be cool if they are in the same district! From what I hear, Josh is going to LOVE the MTC in Brazil! Take care!
    Jeanna Caldwell(mom of six)
    MM to Elder Chase Caldwell
    Sao Paulo North Mission 8/09-11