Friday, September 11, 2009


Another week down. Nothing too exciting or unique, overall. I suppose these messages are going to get more and more repetitive until: a) I go to the Brasil CTM, b) I go into the field, or c) I gain some new super power. As awesome as a) and b) would be....I'd probably take c). Just being honest, here.

To Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for everything. Father, I cannot tell you the effect that your words have had on me. You are an _amazing_ priesthood example, and I am honored to have felt your presence in my life. I have learned from you and grown into the man I am today because of you. Mother, my love for you is immeasurable. Every letter/package you send and prayer you say, I feel your sincere love for me. You two have given me all the I need to lead a successful life. It is up to me to finally choose to use what you have given me. I love you.
I am so happy to hear that Jay and John are doing well. I am so happy to hear that you have prospects, Father. And I pray that your upcoming endeavors will be successful, Mom. You are all in every one of my prayers. I love my family more than I could ever love anything else in the world.

I'm getting into the swing of things quite well. Last weekend was extremely long because of Fast Sunday (or, in my delightful direct-translation-Português, Domingo Rápido! (It literally means quick Sunday...awesome). We had church meetings from 8 to 12, and then a meeting with a member of our branch presidency from 12 to 2, then more from get the picture. I love church...just, you know, getting used to this whole church all-day-everyday thing. But it's fun. :-)

The week has gone by exceedingly quickly. I have felt the prayers of everyone, and thank you immensely (should I drop the e and add -ly? Who cares?). Just yesterday, I received no less than 6 pages of Dear Elder letters...let me tell you what, just about the best day of my stay so far. You all rock.

I found out that I am a retard (no offense to anyone, of course) and that you all have to put your addresses on every Dear Elder letter you send to me. So, no worries about the addresses! I found 'em, if you have already sent me something!

To Uncle Doug: Thanks for the encouragement. I was actually able to translate nearly everything without a dictionary! Gosto os hinos, os oraçãos, e as liçoes (Creio estar liçoes...) tambêm. Overall, the CTM is, as one of meus professores says, 'muito divertido'! Ha. But in all honestly, I loved hearing from you. Thanks, and good luck to you and Aunt Sue with everything. You both know you are my favorite aunt and uncle.

To Amanda, Katy: You've both got letters in the mail. No worries!

To Aunt Debbie: That is hilarious about Henry. I would expect no less from him. He has to live up to the names of Don and Ethan. Try not to go too crazy in school, Xan. If I remember correctly, you're a junior now? Just remember, if you're ever getting a big head and feeling all cool, I'll post some embarrassing pictures of you on facebook (or at least, make my mother post them)! And Ethan, my buddy, I hope you're doing well. Have you beaten all the LEGO video games yet? I know we beat Star Wars, but I don't think you'd finished Batman yet...Stay cool, buddy. Thanks for the language advice and testimony, Aunt Debbie. You and Uncle Don are by far my favorite aunt and uncle, no contest.

To The Sorensens: Great to hear from you. I know you're entire family was always so nice to the missionaries at's hoping that there are some families like yours down in São Paulo!

To Jared: Thanks man. I am definitely going into school withdrawal. I'll just start reciting stupid biology facts, like tapeworms belonging to Cestoda and the they are made of proglottides. The rest of my friends here just look at me like I'm an idiot or something.

To Bishop Stutz: All I can really say is thanks. You've been a wonderful example and amazing leader to me, and I assure you I am doing all that I can. Thank you for taking the time to write me, and thank you for all that you do.

To Aunt Marianne: I would love to have a package come! That would be delightful. And thanks so much for your kind words. That's great about Eric and Max and Jeff. They all have everything going for them. I look forward to seeing where their careers take them! I am so grateful to have such wonderful aunts and uncles, and you and Uncle Stan are by far my favorite.

So, I have one minute left...sorry, I spent a little too much time writing everyone individual letters as opposed to writing a big letter. To sum up my week: more of the same. I will talk to you all in a week! Happy September 11th!


  1. Wow! He seems to get more intelligent as the letter goes along : ) Any word on the visa yet?

  2. Hi, Marianne. Yeah, I noticed that too! He's always trying to make everyone feel good. I'm pretty sure you are his favorite Aunt and Uncle (named Stan and Marianne) =).
    The visa is taking forever-not too unusual except that he is the only one out of his group that hasn't received his yet. Maybe plans are going to change and he will get sent to Nebraska or something. JK. Whatever. I'm sure it will be fine wherever/whenever he goes.